Environmental policy

It is Jacobsens Bakery's policy to minimize the environmental impact that our operations may have on the environment. For that purpose, Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. is committed to exercising active environmental management as an integrated core value and part of the company's culture in general.

Jacobsens Bakery will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Jacobsens Bakery will prevent situations that could cause accidental, sudden pollution of the environment.

Jacobsens Bakery will work actively to continually improve our environmental efforts by setting measurable goals at least once a year, as well as evaluating these goals at least once a year.

In terms of the supply chain, Jacobsens Bakery will aim for a high degree of sustainable sourcing in the form of certified raw materials and packaging components.

Jacobsens Bakery will continuously optimize/reduce the amount of waste and ensure a high recycling rate where this is possible through correct and efficient waste sorting.

Jacobsens Bakery will continuously reduce the environmental impact in the form of CO2 emissions from operations, i.e., through recycling and acquisition of equipment and fixtures that are based on CO2-friendly propellants.

Jacobsens Bakery will participate actively in customer-initiated projects around CO2 reduction with the aim of obtaining additional knowledge and insight that can be used in connection with the roll-out of further initiatives.

Jacobsens Bakery will continuously inform and integrate the employees in the dynamic environmental process and encourage the individual to take environmental responsibility in connection with their work and contribute to a good environmental culture and to achieve the goals set.

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